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Your Mind is Your Own

Only in freedom you can find peace, joy and enlightment


About Mahajrya

The Mahajrya is a modern Buddhist tradition that includes wisdom from other traditions, for a global understanding of happiness and suffering. It is about training ourself to behave with virtue, mainly Freedom, Forgiveness and Kindness, which are all part Compassion.

Behaviors such as anger, jealousy and hatred are at the origins of suffering. These behaviors, and the suffering that results, are caused by a lack of consciousness. People are imprisoned in this suffering and are simply searching for a way to make it through.

It is by looking at ourselves, by observing our ego’s mask and by awakening our consciousness that we can eradicate these false conceptions, which are the true roots of suffering. It is by finding their source, their roots, that we can grasp, understand its nature, and finally free ourselves from them.

This is the thought and attitude that constitutes the foundation of Mahajrya Buddhism. Our goal is to train our members so that they can become responsible happy people, to help humanity as a whole.

A member of the Mahajrya does not "belong" to the Mahajrya. All our members are completely free beings, who respond to no authority. For us, Freedom is absolute, while we are also fully responsible for all our actions. The only laws you should obey are the laws of your country. Spirituality is meant to discover, not to enslave.

Training in meditation and spiritual practices

Be a part of a community that share spiritual views

Receive spiritual guidance when needed

Consciousness is Dissolvent of Suffering

5 Masters

Throughout Mankind’s history, all Masters who have observed the Truth have discovered the same reality, which each one named according to the corresponding Age, culture etc. This fundamental truth is the existence of a Creator, of the Creation and Interaction. Thus, for the Hindus, these three concepts correspond to Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Creation) and Shiva (Interaction); for Kabbalists, as Eheieh (Father), Iah (Son), Yahveh (Holy Spirit); for Buddhists, it’s Amitabha (White Light), Mahastamprapta (Great Wise Power), Avalokiteshwara (Lord Beholder); for Christians, God (Father), Christ (Son), and the Holy Spirit. When perceived from Oneness, any difference or discussion between religions or traditions, it is dissolved, since all talk about the Truth, the only difference being the names and terms that each one uses. 

This is what allows the Mahajrya, in spite of being a Buddhist tradition, eventually to pay attention to 4 other Spiritual Masters, whose teachings ,alongside those of Shakyamuni Buddha, serve as inspiration on the path towards the liberation of suffering and the attainment of Samadhi. These five Masters are: 


Everything You Need to Know About Mahajrya

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